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Why Ceramic Additive Manufacturing

  • High resolution printing process – micron precision/ good dimensional fidelity
  • High quality surface finish – minimal post-processing – material dependant
  • High density and bulk material properties equivalent or superior to conventional ceramics
  • High production rate/ fast machine turnaround
  • Economical raw materials usage/ recycles unused raw materials
  • Multi-material capability/ material changeovers in a few minutes
  • Energy efficient process

Benefits of Ceramic 3D Printing

  • Design Flexibility – geometry practically only limited by the designer’s imagination
  • Part Consolidation – making one part instead of using many pieces joined together
  • Strong Lightweight Parts – use of CAD/ 3D Modelling leads to efficient structures
  • Part Complexity – realises geometries not achievable by other manufacturing methods
  • Part Geometry – realises precision internal holes, channels and passages not usually possible in ceramic parts
  • Part Properties – sintered AM parts exhibit good flexural, compressive and impact strength
  • No supplementary tooling – reduced cycle times and fast turn-around
  • Minimum Order Quantity of one – no need for large batch sizes/ orders
  • Short Production Lead Times – parts can be delivered in days not weeks or months
  • Rapid Iteration during New Product Development Phase

How We WorkImplementation Process

Easy process to implement ceramic product
additive manufacturing with 3rdAxis