3rdAxis is an Australian start-up company setting out to introduce high precision ceramic 3D printing to the Australian domestic and export markets. We are utilising state-of-the art LCM ceramic 3D printer platforms that use a process based on a precision array of high intensity LEDs under precise computer control. These machines typically feature lateral part resolutions of ≈ 40 microns and a minimum build layer thickness of ≈ 10 microns up to 120 microns (depending on materials) and can repeatably build very precise geometries and dimensional features. High productivity and excellent repeatability with an excellent surface finish are key features of the LCM process that utilises the principle of photo-polymerisation to cure a ceramic powder loaded slurry of photo-sensitive binders followed by cleaning, drying, de-binding and sintering in specialist furnaces to achieve full ceramic densities and mechanical properties in practically any part geometry imaginable.

The 3rdAxis LCM series machines are capable of printing the following stock materials:

  • Alumina [“Alox”] (Al2O3)
  • Yttria Toughened Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystalline [3Y TZP]
  • Hydroxyapatite [HA or HAP]
  • Tricalcium phosphate [TCP]
  • Silicon Nitride [Si3N4]  Available 4th quarter 2020
  • Aluminium Nitride [AIN]  Available 4th quarter 2020